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Russian Presidential Election

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A valuable contribution on 2018 Russian Presidential Election by Evgeny Roshkov, Executive Partner at Kesarev Consulting (FB&Associati’s Russian Partner within the Interel Global Partnership)

On March 18, 2018, Russia held its Presidential election. The election resulted in overwhelming victory of incumbent President Vladimir Putin, who won with 76,69% of votes.

Following the election, Putin becomes the president for his second (fourth) term until 2024. This term is likely to be the last for him in office.

The Russian Constitution limits the number of the President’s terms of office by two in a row. Putin himself has repeatedly stated that he will not initiate a change in this constitutional provision. In addition, by the end of the term, Putin will turn 72 years old and the age will already play a role.

Hence, over the next 5-6 years, the re-elected President will face the need to make key decisions on the economic policy, the implementation of reforms on which the intra-elite consensus already exists, shuffles in the team and possible scenario of power transformation by 2024.

These decisions will be made amid dynamic and unpredictable foreign policy environment– worsening relations with the West and possible tightening of sanctions.

In our paper, we analyze the key developments of 2018 that will follow the election and determine the economic course, its impact on the regulatory environment and key parameters of business climate – tax system, budget structure, public investment, macroeconomic and monetary policy.

Take a look to our more detailed analysis here: “Russia’s Presidential Election: first year of Putin’s last term”

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